One Couple...Twice the Perspective...Four Times the Energy!

No Off-The-Shelf

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By working together, we keep it moving and keep participants moving.  No death-by-powerpoint here.  To Hear is To Forget...To See it To Remember...TO DO IS TO LEARN!  Everything is designed to be experiential and fun.  This maximizes retention and creates meaningful metaphors for future reinforcement.

Everything we do is customized to meet our clients' objectives.  Is it easy? No.  Is it efficient? No. Is it the only way we know how to do it? Yes!!  Our focus is on meeting needs, not one size fits all.

"From their first session I was hooked and while there I attended as many sessions of theirs as I could...I highly recommend them..."

In camp...from starting out as front line staff, progressing to middle management, and eventually owning and directing out own large private day camp and nursery school for 13 years, we speak from the voice of real experience.

We also bring a diverse set of other experience including buying, selling, and starting successful businesses, running large companies, active leadership and volunteers in not-for-profit organizations, teaching nursery school, pioneering in the internet space, and marketing iconic brands at the world's most respected packaged goods company.







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