"We were so fortunate to have Roz and Jed Training & Consulting spend time with our leadership team last night. If you are looking for exceptional, well organized, detailed and fun training support focused on strategies you and your staff can apply immediately look no further than these two. They are an encyclopedia of camp knowledge and amazing to work with!" - Jaime Pickles, Co-Director, Everwood Day Camp

"For a two hour session Jed and Roz had our staff engaged, smiling, laughing, and learning. This is exactly what we needed to kick off our summer. Their training not only gave our staff ideas of what to do with our campers during the day, but it also taught them all sorts of lessons. The impact, we as camp staff have on our campers, can sometimes go under the radar, but Jed and Roz made it very clear how important we are in the lives of our campers. In addition, I think it was eye opening to see how every minute of camp can be filled with something to add that extra "spice" to your camp."  - Lauren Hillbert, Camp Director, Westwood MA Recreation Department

"Wow, Thanks Roz and Jed! They visited our company to help us celebrate and reinforce our Core Values. We invited them for a week where we focused on Respect! It was a pleasure speaking with them throughout the application process. They were attentive to questions and tailored the class to have the most impact for my company!

Once they arrived, they quickly set up and got right into their presentation. It was so fun and Jed and Roz's personality quickly lightened up our office! Fun ice breakers and activities lead to thought provoking discussions that will have a lasting impact on our Company and its culture.

We are so happy to have worked with Roz and Jed at our office! Roz and Jed really cared about our company and making it the best presentation it could be. We can't wait to work with them again in the future. Thank You Roz and Jed!"  - Eli G., SupplyHouse.com

"Thank you very much for our staff training last night! You hit all of the highlights and important topics we wanted covered in very tangible and interactive ways. I have already had several staff members that were in attendance last night email me, about how worthwhile they felt the training was. It’s nice to hear the staff felt that time spent was valuable."  Beth Segal, Camp Director, JCC Camps at Medford

"Thanks for coming out to Beansprouts. We did receive lots of positive feedback and the staff had a lot of fun.  One of our teachers immediately used your call and response technique in our afterschool program that same afternoon. It was a great way to kick off our summer! Both you and Roz were engaging presenters and I think all the important messages you were trying to convey will be seen in our interactions with our campers and families."  - Caryn Klein-Cardieri, Educational Director, Beansprouts

"As a former employee, Jed and Roz were two of the main reasons I returned for four summers. They treat Meadowbrook like family, whether it's their care for the campers, upper-management, or every other staff member. Meadowbrook is run with an undying dignity, integrity, love, and enthusiasm that is an undeniable product of both Jed and Roz; and it trickles down throughout every person involved during each and every summer. I look back at the four years I spent working with them as a cherished learning experience in not only how to work with, and care for children, but how to simply be a genuine and caring person during daily life."  - Stephen Kinkade

"Jed, is one of the most intelligent executives I have ever had the pleasure to work for, his attention to detail and extensive knowledge makes him an asset to his team and any project or deal he is working on."  - Harley Stevens

"Jed has developed the secret sauce to success and consistently exceeds expectations through his passion, creativity, energy and high integrity. Jed, Roz and their team make their work look so effortless. Kudos to you Jed as you are a consummate professional and a role model for camps world wide."  - Anthony Curly

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