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Roz and Jed Training & Consulting

Helping You Make A Difference!

Our Vision

From 2004 through 2016, we dedicated ourselves to making a difference in the lives of Children (and Adults) through our work as the Owners/Directors of Meadowbrook Day Camp. During that time, we worked to make both our Camp and other Camps as great as they could be and as accessible to as many individuals as possible.

Our Mission

We are now continuing that mission full-time as speakers and trainers serving large and small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, schools, colleges, government agencies, resorts, and recreation programs.  Our goal is to help all of our clients make a difference for everyone they serve.

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Roz and Jed Training & Consulting 4C's   



Connection is a basic human need and before teams can work effectively, they need to be connected.  Our innovative exercises followed by thoughtful debriefs lead to enhanced connection and more effective teams.


Leadership & Engagement

Every organization has a culture and that culture has a large impact on the success of the organization.  We help to develop culture and implement it through both leadership training and creating engagement among employees and volunteers.

Customer Service

Customer Experience

Every touchpoint provides an opportunity to create an extraordinary Customer Experience.  Our Customer Service Training focuses on tips and tricks to create a World-Class Customer Experience!


Staff & Programming

For our clients in the Youth Development area, we offer a wide variety of staff training workshops as well as proven, innovative programming ideas.

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Our Difference

One Couple...Twice the Perspective...Four Times the Energy!

We work together to ensure active learning and to keep participants moving.  No death-by-powerpoint here.  To Hear is To Forget...To See is To Remember...TO DO IS TO LEARN!  Everything is designed to be experiential and fun.  This maximizes retention and creates meaningful metaphors for future reinforcement.

We've Done it All!

From starting out as front line staff, progressing to middle management, and eventually owning and directing our own large private day camp and nursery school, we speak from the voice of real experience.

We also bring a diverse set of other experiences including buying, selling, and starting successful businesses, running large companies, active leadership and volunteers in not-for-profit organizations, teaching nursery school, pioneering in the internet space, and marketing iconic brands at the world's most respected packaged goods company.

No Off-The-Shelf

Solutions Here!

Everything we do is customized to meet our clients' objectives.  Is it easy?  No.  Is it efficient?  No.  Is it the only way we know how to do it? YES!!  Our focus is on meeting needs, not one size fits all

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Exceptional, Well Organized, Detailed & Fun Training

"If you are looking for exceptional, well organized, detailed and fun training support focused on strategies you and your staff can apply immediately, look no further than these two"

Two Voices

Customized Content

Real Experience


Thanks! I've been facilitating for many years (although likely not longer than you…), so I was skeptical what I would learn...However after 25 years of facilitating, I learned some really neat new things in your session, thanks for sharing! I will be using one of the activities this week for an Undergraduate Program Director meeting!

-Dr. Eddie H.

Director of Undergraduate Research & Associate Professor, Major US University


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